You are the driver of your own recovery...

At Support Stream you can decide what kind of support you need, when and for how long. We are here to offer you support guidance, information, resources and the skills to achieve your wellness goals. We know you already have personal strengths and resources; we help you arrive at a place where you regain this inner confidence and resilience.

What is the Support Stream pathway?

The first step is to meet with our Practice Leader for an initial assessment. In this assessment we can find out more about your support needs, goals and desires relating to your health and wellbeing. We then discuss the different options of support and work out the best package for you. We believe in a collaborative approach so we do ask that you are enrolled with a GP before we start working with you. We are happy to help you with this.

We have a range of different options of support you can choose from and support is offered from 7am until 8pm Monday-Sunday as required. Support options include:

  • Understanding your mental health
  • Creating your own wellness plan
  • Managing your daily tasks
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Dealing with distressing emotions
  • Developing an exercise routine
  • Nutrition and healthy meal planning
  • Employment Support including tailored wellness plan
  • Education Support including tailored wellness plan
  • Utilising community resources
  • Establishing relationships and social connections
  • Extra support for carers including respite
  • Check out the services drop down for a more detailed description of support options

The next step is to meet your personal Wellness Coach and start working on your  goals. Your goals may be achieved over the short or long-term. Your Wellness Coach will check in with you regularly to review progress and your satisfaction with our support. If you require a lot of support you may work with other coaches but you will always have a key person to liaise with.

Wellness tools and skills

Wellness Plans

If you want a comprehensive service we recommend that you work with your personal Wellness Coach to develop an individual Wellness plan. This Holistic tool will help you understand more about you mental health, your triggers and stressors and how to manage these before things get out of control. Our Wellness Coaches can help you discover tools and resources that you can use to positively aid your recovery –

Dealing with Distressing Emotions

Your Occupational Therapist or Wellness Coach will provide information regarding distressing emotions and you will be able to outline a plan of strategies to help manage these emotions. Strategies could include; sensory modulation, graded exposure, defining alternative thoughts and relaxation techniques. There will opportunity to try out these different strategies to see if they are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Learning new ways to relax and stay in the moment is helpful when we are dealing with distressing emotions and feel stressed and overwhelmed. These techniques can help you to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Not all relaxation techniques are helpful to all people. Your Wellness Coach can introduce you to a variety of relaxation techniques/strategies and you can then make a decision on what is best for you. Examples of relaxation techniques; controlled breathing, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, visualisation, creating a comfort space in your home and many more.


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Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep hygiene

Sleep is a natural healer, but if a good night’s sleep escapes you our Wellness Coaches can help you develop a sleep hygiene plan that will help you to develop better sleeping patterns.


Exercise is one of the best natural solutions for combating depression and anxiety. Doing something every day will help lift your mood and give you a sense of achievement. Our Wellness Coaches can help you to develop your individual exercise plan and will be there to motivate and support you to achieve your goals. Even if it means doing it with you!


What we eat can make a big difference to our overall mood and wellbeing. Wellness Coaches can give you advice about good, balanced nutrition and assist you with menu planning and shopping as required.

Smoke free support

We all know the reasons to quit, but it’s not easy. When you are not feeling the best it’s easy to slip back into the smoking trap. Wellness Coaches can help you stay motivated, provide information and access to nicotine replacement therapies to help make the quit journey a little easier.


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Education support

It is understandable for students at high school or university to sometimes feel stressed and overwhelmed. Our Wellness Coaches can help you with different ways that you can manage stress and work with you to develop a wellness plan. They can help you develop some structure and a study routine to help you feel on top of your studies. Our coaches can also help you link with existing supports within your school or university if required.

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Employment support

If you are off work because you have been unwell or you have lost your job due to mental illness, our coaches can help you regain your confidence and develop a back-to-work wellness plan.  This plan will help you identify your triggers at work and give you some strategies that you can use to relieve your anxiety during times of stress. Coaches can also help you with some CV development and interview skills. If you are currently working but finding the demands of the job increasingly overwhelming your coach can support you to deal with these stressors and outline a wellness plan for work.

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Support at home


At times when we don’t feel 100% we can struggle to stay motivated, and it can be tempting to just stay in bed. Support Stream coaches can help you to create more structure in your life and establish a routine. This will assist you to feel more in control and positive about your future.

Mother care/attachment

If you are a new mum and struggling with the demands of this important role, our Wellness Coaches can help you in many ways, including; establishing routines, education and coaching with mother craft, relaxation and anxiety reduction strategies, and information and ideas to promote healthy attachments.


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Social connections

Social skills support

You may have lost touch with your friends and family or feel anxious in social situations. Our Wellness Coaches can help you identify your social networks and work with you to rebuild these and gain more confidence. They can also give you some support to manage and reduce your social anxiety.

Community Resources

During difficult times we sometimes forget that we live in communities that are rich in resources and support. Our Wellness Coaches are skilled at supporting you to access and utilise community resources in a way that maximises your recovery.


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