Shane, a young man struggling with depression and anxiety felt very stuck. He had lost motivation and confidence. With help from one of our Wellness Coaches, Shane has made some brilliant progress towards his recovery. Shane explained how Support Stream helped him; “having courage to do something scary. Having a supportive person to do these things with me and helping me prepare for situations by talking and providing tools to use when unsafe”.


(not his real name)

Q: What did you find helpful about Support Stream?

“The opportunity to see the same supportive person each week who made me feel extremely comfortable talking about situations. She asked relevant probing questions to help me reassess situations, consider how my feelings impacted my actions and which subsequently led to me developing greater self-confidence in my abilities. Also talking about self care was extremely beneficial.”


(not her real name)

“After a suggestion from my GP I was referred to the service. The sessions were a wonderful balance of prompting me to explore, but not ‘pushing’ me.”

(not her real name)

Jess was referred to Support Stream when in a very difficult moment in her life, she explained that she was “stressed and crying every single day, having no happy moments anymore and struggling to cope”.  She described her experience of Support Stream; “you have listened to me without making any judgement which made me feel confident enough to open up to you with all my problems and trusted you from the very beginning”.  Jess concluded that she had learned some tools which helped her with her thinking and to make positive changes, she described herself now as “a happier person” who is now prepared to face difficulties and work through them better than before.


(not her real name)

“I had lost all hope of getting better, my usual coping strategies didn’t work anymore. My Support Stream coach helped me to recognise that it wasn’t my fault, that I’m not a burden on others, and also helped me learn coping strategies.
Support Stream helped me gain hope in my ability to get through if another episode occurs, using the coping strategies I learned.
To others who are experiencing difficulties; recognise that it’s not your fault you feel this way, don’t question why, just accept the feelings and learn how to cope with them.”


(not her real name)

“I was having stress at work and was at breaking point.  Support Stream helped me learn strategies to manage my stress.  I now believe in myself and have self-worth.  My Wellness Coach was approachable, committed and helped me overcome my stress and enjoy my life again”.


(not her real name)

“I came to Support Stream when I was feeling depressed.  I liked their holistic approach and having someone to talk to.  I especially found sensory modulation helpful.  For others experiencing any distress I would say never give up, there is someone here waiting to listen to you and help you find tools and strategies to achieve wellness”


(not her real name)

Q: What prompted you to seek help?
“A spur of the moment decision to reach out for help – hoping I would find someone that would understand what the heck was going on with me.”
Q: What support and tools did Support Stream provide that helped?
“Amazing conversation, insight into what makes me, me. Mindfulness … self care, acknowledgement of me as a person.”
Q: What advice would you give to someone experiencing challenges?
“Breathe. Understand you’re okay, reach out, people will help. What your feeling and experiencing is valid but it doesn’t have to overtake every day of your life. Your small, but brave step in asking for help will open the door to an incredible world for you. Feeling scared is okay, you just don’t have to be alone.”


(not her real name)

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